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Quick Cure To Nail Biting

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Are you a compulsive nail biter? Do you kids or know someone that bites their nails? Do you feel a need to stop this habit or you want to help your kid outgrow this nasty habit? Do you feel powerless and wonder if you would ever stop biting your nails?

Research-backed data shows that people tend to bite their fingers when they’re nervous, anxious and tense. To them, it is an outlet for their tensions. It is predominantly common with pre-teen kids. However, countless adults also share this nail biting habit.

Let me tell you a little secret…listen… there’s a cure that actually works. Hey I understand you’ve tried so many products that didn’t help break the habit and you have almost giving up hope of ever finding a cure that will help you break free from this habit.

There’s hope with Onyx Professional Stop the Bite Nail Polish Treatment. For almost 20 years stop the bite has been one of the best selling nail biting deterrents on the market. Its effectiveness has even earned it a feature on The Rachel Ray Show. An if all of this is not enough to make you give it try here are some reviews from actually people that purchased the item.

Here’s what Grant Wallace had to say “Just What I Needed, it cured my nail biting habit”. Here’s another user’s review, Jordon said “Best Nail Polish to Stop Nail Biting, I have been biting my nails for years now and have always hated the habit but could never stop. I have tried several different polishes, but none of them cured me. I decided to try this deterrent, and I am so glad I did. It tastes awful but that is exactly what I need to make me quit biting my nails.

Still not convinced? Let’s head over to Amazon and see what our buyers are saying about Onyx Professional Stop the Nail Bite. Abby p. wrote “This stuff is disgusting, and it works like a charm. It will make you gag it's so terrible! So, I have a four-year-old daughter, formerly a horrible nail- biter. After seven cases of strep throat in one year, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Finally, I's because she always has her fingers in her mouth!!! Well, after five or six days with this stuff on her hands, no more nail biting. She had one minor relapse, and back we went to the Onyx! Now, her nails are beautiful, her cuticles are healthy, and she hasn't been sick in seventh months (knocking on wood)..not even a sniffle! I would recommend this to any parent whose child has a nail-biting problem! Healthy habits above all else!!”

This one was posted on the 4th of April, 2017 by J. Mor, here’s what she had to say; Our 5-year-old daughter's dentist keeps pushing us to be stricter with her sucking her thumb. We tried, but she had a hard time breaking the habit. We got this polish and sat and talked about it with her first (she wants to quit sucking her thumb, but it's something she doesn't even realize she is doing). When she first put her thumb in her mouth after applying the polish, she quickly removed it and said: "Ewe that tastes like a turtle!"....You gotta love N innocent kid's description of things. That being said, she has almost completely quit. So yes it works.

You no longer have to live in shame nor watch your kids bite their nails, with Onyx Professional Stop The Bite you finally have a cure that works.

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